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You can update your predictions during the tournament. For example: you are able to change your predictions for each game until that game starts. This allows you to adjust your predictions based on the performance of the team.

For a more detailed explanation; please check the rules here: "Rules".

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  21:00 Zwitserland - Duitsland
  21:00 Schotland - Hongarije
  21:00 Albanië - Spanje
  21:00 Kroatië - Italië
  18:00 Nederland - Oostenrijk
  18:00 Frankrijk - Polen

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Simon Verduijn Wrote on 15-06-2024 00:02:

De kop is er af!

Bart Houtgraaf Wrote on 04-06-2024 21:32:

Leuk! Zin in!

Thomas Wrote on 30-05-2024 14:35:

Jaaa, we gaan er weer voor!

Tom Wrote on 29-05-2024 22:05:

Leuk! Weer zin in!